I <3 and ship Auslly! :)

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KentMeetsWorld Possible Crush. See Kacy

What up? MacyZC55 (aka Melissa) here! Welcome to my profile! I'm a student (finally from High School) and I love singing. Someday I'll make a duet with Ross Lynch!

Macy's LifeEdit

Well, I'm a girl from a small country with big dreams! (SWAC reference). I love singing, and I want to be a singer and writer. I'm in love with books (weird, huh?) and music, they're my life. Another of my dreams is go to the United States I just love that country!. Travel around the world may be another of my dreams! Like I said, I'm a girl from a small country with big dreams.


She totally love music! Music is one of the ways I can express myself. When she's angry, or sad; I listen any of my favorite songs, and that helps me :D

I'm a huge fan of R5, Ross Lynch, Demi Lovato, Laura Marano and Selena Gomez, and I'd love to meet them. Some day I will.

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